Does your Holiday Business Increase your Sales?



Does Your Holiday Business Increase your Sales?

I will make this short as I know how busy you all are right now….or are you?

If you are in retail, more than likely your business soars during the holidays. You probably get your best sales of the year. Are you taking advantage of all the marketing options you can?

Other businesses may have increased business also as they have a connection to retail. However, if not, they may be flailing or dropping at this time of the year.

I was recently in a health store looking for a certain hot new supplement. I couldn’t find it so I went to the nearest person who happened to be the manager and asked if they had it in stock, as I had been on their website first and saw no mention of it.

The manager told me, oh yes, it is on special during the holidays so it is in the middle aisle and took me there.

I mentioned to him I looked at his website and didn’t see the special either. He looked at me and said, “Hmm I guess I didn’t place this special on there”…

Your business needs to take full advantage of this time of the year and utilize the marketing budget you have left for the year.

If you are selling anything, even medical care—remember more people get sick around the holidays because they are often around large groups of people.

Customers are generally in buying mode now, so you should take full advantage of this. There are many ways to market yourself during this time.

Talk to a copywriter and see how they can help target your business for more sales during this holiday season. They can give you ideas on how best to promote your business yourself and then you can hire them to do it for you.

More than likely you will gain much more than you will spend to have them help you write your copy at any time during the year.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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