Is your Business Getting the Attention it Needs?

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Why are the fires in the northwest, wracking havoc on thousands of acres of private and public land, destroying homes in the way, less important than the floods from the hurricanes? Why are they basically being ignored by major national news teams?

Yes, the hurricanes and damage are horrible and deserve national media attention. That doesn’t mean the fires don’t deserve time in the national primetime media and help to those affected.

I think part of the problem is the national media thinks they can’t get close enough to the fires to get the stories. It ends up being only a mention in the news, rather than a headline. I am sure if they went to the towns surrounding the fire areas there would be plenty of stories. As far as I know they haven’t tried.

Local networks do cover the stories but that news doesn’t reach everyone. I have seen the most coverage from Facebook friends than anywhere else. That is so wrong.

How Does This Relate to your Business?

Do the daily handling of the business demand all the attention in your business, keeping you from paying attention to growing your business?

You need time to draw customers to your business by updating your website, adding a blog or a newsletter.

Additionally, when you put your business in front of your present customers consistently they are more likely to come back. They could be by follow-up emails, newsletters or interesting content on your website or blog.

I know you are saying you don’t have time to take care of all of this yourself. Maybe it is time to hire a copywriter to help you out. You may think you can’t afford this.

Think about it this way. It is an investment in your company to draw in more customers and thus improve your sales.

Many companies have thought the same thing and found out when they invested in copywriting, it not only paid for itself, but increased their sales way over the cost.

Copywriters can take care of all of the above items and more for you and help grow your business with just some minimal information from you. It is a great way to invest in your company for growth.

Could this be Another Way to Help those that are Suffering from Behavioral Health Issues?


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                                                                                                                                                             Picture credit – Maialisa/Pixabay                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Behavioral Health Telemedicine

He announced telemedicine companies see mental health as the next frontier.

  • Teledoc’s direct-to-consumer behavioral health services has 10,000 active subscribers already
  • American Well is rolling its “telepsychiatry” out to seven states by August, 2017.
  • MDLive is also working with Walgreens through their subsidiary “Breakthrough”.

If you have ever had, lived with someone who had or has a mental illness, you will probably agree it is a good idea. Maybe not to initially treat, depending on the severity, but for follow up and maintenance.

Although it could be a good starting place, due to the fact people with mental health issues may not want to leave the house to see a doctor. In their own, safe environment, they may be able to reach out and start communicating about possible treatment.

Once treated many patients with mental problems do not take their prescribed medications as directed. This is a huge problem in treating them. If someone is able to talk to them at home, it may help.

It may also be a relief to their caregivers as it can be very frustrating and painful to care for and help someone with a mental illness. It can wreck havoc in the home, even breaking up families.

As Bruce pointed out, since the nation is dealing with a rising rate of suicides, opioid addiction and numerous other mental health issues it may be a real benefit for some of these people.

Another issue is the lack of qualified psychiatrists and psychologists in many places, especially rural areas.

Our behavioral health programs are not presently able to deal with the increased load of patients. This may well be a solution to at least part of that problem.

Even insurance companies are starting to come on board to help pay for some of these services including video consultations.

After having lived with a person for mental illness for many years, I think it is a good thing. So what is your opinion?

Healthcare Professionals are you ready for e-Patients?

                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Matthew Henry

Doing some research for an article, I stumbled upon a trending healthcare community. e-Patients and websites like . This trend actually started a few years ago with digital age but it is growing along with increased access to medical information.

Patients are more curious than ever and want to know more to help take care of themselves since they now can google the web for almost anything. E-Patients go beyond the normal googling.

I believe as people become more wary of all the new advances coming out and distrust of their health insurance and maybe even their sometimes rushed professionals, this will explode. People are no longer “go to the doctor and do and take what he says without questioning”.

Now this has been taken to a new level. So what is the definition of an e-Patient? An e-patient is a patient or a caregiver who has a voice, an opinion, a question, or a solution and shares it with others via the Web.

E-patients may even interact with their healthcare team via the Web. With ever-changing technologies at their fingertips, the growing community of e-patients is becoming even savvier. Some e-patients are pioneers in patient engagement according to Health Ed.

It has evolved to websites such as, and One of the early e-Patients has his own personal website

Dave belongs to another group called Society for Participatory Medicine that is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which promotes the concept of participatory medicine. This means there are networked patients that patients become responsible drivers of their health and their providers encourage and value them as full partners.

So what does this mean for the world of medicine, professionals and other facilities that give care?

Perhaps if you can grasp this new challenge and bring your patients into actively helping themselves by being educated and aware of their health problems and how to improve their health with your guidance, they may stay healthier and be more aware of what is happening in their care.

According to the Society of Participatory Care shared responsibility of healthcare is showing that e-patients are more involved in their care and often find information that providers don’t have time or reimbursement to pursue.

Many new companies are finding new digital ways for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients, even using more digital devices that can communicate to them from the patient and back.

It has been said that millennials especially are asking for more digital ways to be involved with their health care and the older generation is also savvier than you might think.

This will continue to help grow the e-patient trend even further. It really is a positive move for all involved.


Struggles of Moving and Business


If you have ever moved, you know what it takes… First you sort, throw out, sell, give away especially if you are downsizing.

Next comes the packing, depending on how much you own, it can be overwhelming especially if you are doing it alone.

The days can feel as though the move will never happen.

When I moved recently, I had the new place for a month before I actually moved in, so I took small things in frequent trips and tried to unpack at least some of it ahead of time. That alone can be wearing on you.

Next comes move day. I had movers, if not you have to find people to help you.

Finally, you are in, then the unpacking, finding a place for everything—draining at best.

Don’t forget you have to go back and clean the old place unless you hire someone to do it.

Along the way you often may want to quit but you know you can’t because you have a deadline to get it all done.

Finally you can collapse! But you do have the satisfaction of getting it all done.

Now think about your business. Doesn’t it take the same stick-to-it-ness that moving does.

The daily fight to keep things moving, getting clients, satisfying clients and retaining them. Business owners do this often without even thinking about it.

Think of the alternative—if you didn’t what would happen? Unless someone else was there to take over, your business would fail.

The same happens when we don’t carefully watch what is going on in our businesses closely. We sometimes don’t pay attention, and next thing we know something has gone awry.

Making your business successful takes daily stick-to-it-ness. I am sure you have seen companies that didn’t update their websites regularly with their new products or advice. They didn’t send out their monthly newsletter or email customers as they had planned.

What do you think eventually happens to that business? Disappointed customers who soon leave. Yep, failure.

Don’t let that happen to your business. Get help if you need it, pay attention, listen to your customers. Be successful!

One Way to Take Your Business on a Short Walk off a High Cliff

We all know to be successful we have to have all parts of our business running in tip-top shape. We all know this, but it is good to be reminded once in a while. Let me tell you a short story.

I was in a big box store recently and got in a line where there was a little commotion going on with the person checking out. So I decided to pay attention to what was happening.

The cashier who was obviously either not having a good day, hated his job, or just plain didn’t care about the customer. He didn’t greet the person. He just slowly ran things through the scanner and throw them in any bag.

The customer started to nicely ask him to please put the items in her bags in a consistent fashion. He just gave her this dumb look. When she persisted, he stated “Look lady, I don’t get paid enough to listen to your mouth rant on about something you know nothing about.”

He finished scanning with a scowl on his face and took her payment. The card didn’t go through the first time and he says “Gee, lady don’t you know how to work that thing? Do it again!”

The customer when she finished said, “Look I don’t know what your problem is but you better straighten up, or you won’t have this job long.”

She stalked off…as she was leaving the store she told at least 4 people about her experience. I know because I went to the next line still listening and followed her out.

I stopped her and asked her why she didn’t tell the manager and she stated “I don’t have time”, and besides there are other stores like this where I can do business instead.

So what does this have to do with your business? Poor customer service can drive your business off that cliff quicker than you may think. No matter how good your products, your web content, your advertising, how likable you are….

The marketing, the sale is important, but if customers don’t like your sales person’s attitude, customer service employees, cashier’s or maybe even the manager’s attitude, you have basically wasted your time making the sale in the first place. They won’t be back.

Be sure you are giving excellent customer service throughout your organization. You know the old saying, do something well, and few people talk about it, but do something wrong and the news will travel fast.

After working in various aspects of customer service for many years, I can tell you that is so true. That business owners, is good way to run off that cliff!