The other day I saw a young father taking a walk with his son who looked to be about two.

As you can imagine they weren’t walking very fast.

The father was letting the little guy amble at his own speed, checking out the grass, sidewalk and other things along the way.

It was starting to sprinkle with rain forecasted and I thought to myself, you better hurry it up and head for home. You two aren’t prepared for rain, you are going to get soaked.

You might wonder what this has to do with you and your business. Most businesses start out small taking it step by step. You try to learn all you need to know to succeed.

Next you start reaching out to potential customers and making sales. Suddenly you realize your company isn’t growing as fast as you think it should be….

Someone suggests you review your marketing efforts. You look at what you are doing and think, looks okay to me. However, maybe I need a second opinion, could be more I could do.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the things you should be checking and doing to make sure your marketing is efficient and working for you…

Here are some steps to help you do this:

  • Identify your ideal customer
  • What are their top three pain points related to what you are selling
  • Craft an irresistible offer remembering those pain points and your unique selling proposition (if you didn’t figure this out when you set up your business better do it now)
  • Write posts, blogs, emails and send messages to prospective customers
  • Use social media effectively (I will cover this more in a second)
  • Be customer friendly in everything you do
  • Don’t talk about yourself, talk about what you can do for your customers

There are three types of social media followers:

  1. Instant buyers (ready to buy now)
  2. Observers         (Watching what you do and post)
  3. Waiters             (Those waiting for the opportune time to buy)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube are becoming more widely used for B2B companies, while others may prefer Pinterest or Google.

As for Social Media, here a few tips:

  • Facebook- Optimize, avoid overly promotional contact. Make sure you change your Vanity URL to your business name
  • Twitter– Comment on your potential customers tweets or retweet, let them know you are interested in what they are doing
  • Linked In– Comment on your potential customer’s posts, like them and follow them. Post blog posts you write that can help those customers, link to your website for the rest of the post
  • Instagram– Make sure your headline tells what you offer so they can find you.    List what you can do for them and link to your website

You should set a time each week to update your social media posts. If you get this rolling you should be able to do this in as little as 60 min a week.

It is okay to take it slow at first, but when you are not progressing as fast as you think your company should, maybe you need to help speed it up a little.

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