Do You Know Your Business USP?


You Unique Selling Proposition is your key to making your service or product stand out from your competitors. Although you probably have heard this before do you know how to find your USP?

You must look at everything about your product, service and business to figure out your USP. Go through the checklist below to figure out where your strength lies.

  • Quality—Is your product or service of the highest quality you can provide? If so, emphasize this
  • Service—Is your customer service first rate?
  • Price—Is your price lower than your competitors and has the same features and benefits?
  • Research—Is your research outstanding that goes into your product or service?
  • Frequency of updating—Do you update your customers on their product or service regularly
  • Speed of Delivery—Do your customers receive their product or service timely as expected?
  • Cutting Edge and New Discoveries—If you have some, are you showcasing them?
  • History—Has your company been around a long time, do you have a great track record?

Once you have answered all the above questions, you will begin to see your strong points and compare them to your competitors. Once you do this, you will be able to find your Unique Selling Proposition because something will stand out from  others that make your product or service unique.  You can then use your USP to enhance your copy.


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