Thank you for your interest!

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) have to do with my writing systems and procedures thus I have given you a capsule of this below.

My Writing System and Procedures

First and foremost, you will want easy communications. You can reach me through my email

Unless, I am writing for you under another agreement, the below will normally be true.

Discovery Call and  Questionnaire

Once we have discussed a potential project, I will email you a complete Discovery Questionnaire. This questionnaire will enable both of us to understand expectations and the scope of the project. It will help us reach your goals for the project. You should return this questionnaire in 1-3 business days or if you prefer we can do it over the phone.

After I review and study your completed questionnaire and any other materials you send me, I will put together my findings in a Proposal.  This outline will give clarity to all involved and save everyone time and assuring you I understand the project and what you are trying to achieve and you are satisfied with the deal and the price.

Next Step

Approximately 3-10 days after I receive your completed questionnaire and material, we will have about a 20 minute Launch Call, where we will discuss the Proposal to assist me in understanding any additional information or clarification for the project.

Following that call, I will draft and send you an Agreement/Contract. If you already have an Agreement you prefer, we can use that once I approve it.

The Agreement/Contract

The Agreement will include all the details and clarify expectations. It will explain what I will deliver and when I will deliver. It will also list your investment for the project and terms of payment. (Please note I require 50% of the project total in order to begin the project.)  Your investment amounts are professional based and the amount is established depending on a project basis.    Any consultations for advice,  social media critiques or customer service consulting you will billed hourly.

I will begin working on your copy as soon as we have both signed the Agreement and I have received the 50% of the project total.

Completing the Project

This will be followed by research, the first draft, collaboration and any necessary revisions.  I aim to make this process friendly and timely.  Last you will receive the final draft to approve and then after I receive your final payment, I will release the copy to you.

If you wish to obtain more information or would like to start a project, please email me at