Is Your B2B Business Feeling Like a Small Speck on a Golf Ball?

If this is how you feel about your business right now… maybe you need to expand your horizons

I recently watched a video by Louis Giglio which demonstrated in a big way, how small we really are in compared to the rest of the universe. He stated we were like a tiny speck on a golf ball, while other planets in our solar system and beyond were huge and could incorporate in some cases billions of the golf balls. It really hit home how small and insignificant we are in relation to those other planets.

Maybe you feel this way about your business today. Even though you consider it to be a medium sized business. No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t grow and you may feel it is also insignificant. Have you figured out why this is? Why is your company not growing in sales?

Maybe you need to take a long, hard look at your website, newsletter, and emails….Read them out loud. If you were the customer would you buy from you after reading these?

Make sure you are talking to your customer about their issues in a voice they can easily understand. Number one rule, this is not the time to boast about your company or you. The customer should be your focus, what they are looking for, need and want.

You want your product or sales content to follow this outline…

First, make your headline intriguing/interesting, then…

  • List the problem or goal
  •  Give the solution (introduce your product) (Appeal to solving their frustration or issue)
  •  Give the insights (List the features and benefits)
  •  List Proof through source or example (show stats, charts, or testimonials)
  •  Recommend next steps (tell your customer what you want them to do)
  •  List any guarantees, bonus or other detail that makes it urgent to buy now if possible
  •  Again, tell them what to do, click the button, (that takes them to a landing page or
  • Always have awesome customer service

If you are sending an email, be sure to have a follow-up email ready, in case you do not get a response. If possible, have an email funnel set up to make this a process for those who click and those who don’t.

You can make your business more successful also by reaching out on social media, remind potential customers you are there.

You must grab their attention and keep them interested. Sales will increase and so will your company. Be the size company you want to be.



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