Is your Business Getting the Attention it Needs?

Photo by Jack Moreh


Why are the fires in the northwest, wracking havoc on thousands of acres of private and public land, destroying homes in the way, less important than the floods from the hurricanes? Why are they basically being ignored by major national news teams?

Yes, the hurricanes and damage are horrible and deserve national media attention. That doesn’t mean the fires don’t deserve time in the national primetime media and help to those affected.

I think part of the problem is the national media thinks they can’t get close enough to the fires to get the stories. It ends up being only a mention in the news, rather than a headline. I am sure if they went to the towns surrounding the fire areas there would be plenty of stories. As far as I know they haven’t tried.

Local networks do cover the stories but that news doesn’t reach everyone. I have seen the most coverage from Facebook friends than anywhere else. That is so wrong.

How Does This Relate to your Business?

Do the daily handling of the business demand all the attention in your business, keeping you from paying attention to growing your business?

You need time to draw customers to your business by updating your website, adding a blog or a newsletter.

Additionally, when you put your business in front of your present customers consistently they are more likely to come back. They could be by follow-up emails, newsletters or interesting content on your website or blog.

I know you are saying you don’t have time to take care of all of this yourself. Maybe it is time to hire a copywriter to help you out. You may think you can’t afford this.

Think about it this way. It is an investment in your company to draw in more customers and thus improve your sales.

Many companies have thought the same thing and found out when they invested in copywriting, it not only paid for itself, but increased their sales way over the cost.

Copywriters can take care of all of the above items and more for you and help grow your business with just some minimal information from you. It is a great way to invest in your company for growth.

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