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Screenings for Breast Cancer are Not All Equal…

Save a life by using the test that detects breast cancer 86% of the time 

The type of test matters–mammograms are no longer accurate enough for some patients. Their failure rate is 50%.

You want to have a test that detects even the smallest breast cancer cell. If you can do this, you catch the cancer early while it is still treatable.

This can’t be done by a manual breast exam or even a normal mammogram. The reason is if you have dense breast tissue, the mammogram is not going to catch it half the time in early stages.

With this new breakthrough testing, you can be assured there is a huge chance any size cancel tumor will be detected.

What is this new test? It is called a molecular breast imaging test. A Mayo Clinic study found that it raises the detection in even dense breast tissue 86% of the time.

The next time you have a breast exam request, especially if you are at high risk for breast cancer, insist on a molecular breast imaging test.

A perk is the 30% compression is much less than mammography and you remain seated the whole time according to Total Cancer Institute at Melborne University.

Total Cancer Institute also state it is a great tool for follow up if cancer is found as they can easily follow the progress of your treatments.

If you are at high risk for breast cancer, you must check this out. The life you save may be your own…


Chiropractic Care Focus for Baby Boomers and Seniors Well-Being

Baby Boomers and Seniors are not the aging population of their parents and grandparents. They are much more active, healthy and desire to feel as young as possible, as long as possible.

Chiropractic Care can help prolong well-being for these groups.

The benefits listed below are results determined by a study done by Dr. Ian Coulter from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He evaluated the health status of 414 elderly individuals (average age of 80 years) and compared those individuals under chiropractic care with those not under chiropractic care. The researchers found a number of significant findings which included the following benefits:

  • Increases spinal range of motion
  • Decreases frequency and severity of back, neck and head pain
  • Increases balance and coordination
  • Decreases fall injuries and other injuries
  • Increases joint nutrition and decreases spinal joint arthritis
  • Decreases joint and tissue degeneration through optimizing spinal biomechanics
  • Increase overall health and well-being
  • Dr. Coulter also stated the following ratios:
  • 87% of those who used chiropractic care rated their health as good or excellent compared with only 68% in the non-chiropractic group
  • 13% of those who used chiropractic care rated their health as fair or poor compared with 32% in the non-chiropractic group
  • 44% of those who used chiropractic care reported having arthritis compared with 66% in the non-chiropractic care group
  • those who used chiropractic care were more likely to do strenuous levels of exercise
  • Call us today at — — —- to make an appointment and let us help keep you healthy and younger feeling longer.

Other studies have been completed to substantiate these statements, below is study results by Coulter, PhD.

  • 87% of those who used chiropractic care rated their health as good or excellent compared with only 68% in the non-chiropractic group
  • 13% of those who used chiropractic care rated their health as fair or poor compared with 32% in the non-chiropractic group
  • 44% of those who used chiropractic care reported having arthritis compared with 66% in the non-chiropractic care group
  • those who used chiropractic care were more likely to do strenuous levels of exercise

Help yourself stay healthy and feel younger, connect with Dr. __________ today.

Call ———-

Early Success Shows Promise for Regeneration


What would your patients say if one day you could tell them you may be able to slow the bone loss or even reverse it which they are experiencing due to osteoporosis that develops in postmenopausal women?

The Children’s Medical Research Institute at UT Southwestern in their research has found a new bone-forming growth factor, osteolectin (Clec 11a).

They have shown that in mice it has reversed their osteoporosis. Being mad from certain bone marrow and bone cells, it promotes new bone formation from skeletal stem cells in the bone marrow according to the study published in eLife. It also mentions that the deletion of osteoolectin in mice accelerated bone loss during adulthood and symptoms of osteoporosis.

Although osteolectin is known to be made by certain bone marrow and bone cells, CRI researchers are the first to show osteolectin promotes the formation of new bone from skeletal stem cells in the bone marrow. The study, published in eLife, also found that deletion of osteolectin in mice causes accelerated bone loss during adulthood and symptoms of osteoporosis, such as reduced bone strength and delayed fracture healing.

The mice had their ovaries removed to model the type of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Once they were treated with the recombinant osteolectin, or PTH their bone volume increased.

Dr. Morrison of the Hamon Laboratory fo Laboratory for Stem Cell and Cancer Biology, states “we have plans to further test Osteolectin’s therapeutic potential and to identify the receptor for Osteolectin, which is key to understanding the signaling mechanisms the protein uses to promote osteogenesis.”


Ref: UTSouthwestern



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Cold Call Blues? Your Team Needs Networking for Sales Results

Can you relate? Your company has been using cold calling for years successfully. Over time it has become less and less effective. You lose sleep worrying about it. You wake up thinking, there has to be a better way to help my sales staff obtain more sales.

You read books on the subject, attend seminars. You look for ways other companies are handling it. You make a few calls to training companies. Nothing clicks as the right thing.

Direct Training Impact Training Inc. (DIT) has the solution for which you have been hunting…

(DIT) gives a two day workshop for all your salespeople at our company’s location called Networking for Sales Results. It is great training, but it doesn’t stop there. While most of DIT’s competitors “workshop and walk” DIT follows up after the workshop with the team for follow up coaching.

What does this mean for your company? At the conclusion of the Networking for Sales Results program…

  • A sales team is able to reach more prospects
  • They set more sales appointments 13% more as an average in the first six months                                      Learning
  • 27% average in the following six months                                                                                                    


Here is what one DIT client had to say after finishing the program. “I am an old-school cold caller. I was skeptical that DIT’s techniques could help my sales team. Boy was I wrong. Within six weeks of the training, my team was setting significantly more appointments with key decision makers. Plus as a bonus, the team’s moral is way up,” says Tom Chadha, VP Sales, Smith Tech Environmental, Inc.

Take a look at this quote from the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management. “Networking has become increasingly important to corporate sales forces these days. No one is answering the phone anymore, and email is throwing the dice. But networking, if done correctly, is fast becoming the most reliable means of getting that all-important “first handshake” with a new prospect.”

Start the process to increase your sales today

Contact us to schedule a 20 minute online demo of our networking techniques in action.




  • Your sales team cold calls are dead –solution…
  • A 2 day workshop at your facility
  • Next one on one coaching your sales team
  • Sales team will make more sales appts
  • Averaging 13% first month
  • 27% the next month


What are Medical Refrigerators and Freezers?

Medical refrigerators and freezers are used by a multitude of businesses; hospitals, clinics, physician offices, research laboratories, surgery centers, pharmacies, long term and assisted living facilities, crime labs as well as veterinary hospitals and offices.

These refrigerators, freezers and refrigerator/freezers are used by medical personnel in the above listed facilities such as nurses, nursing assistants, medical researchers, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and veterinarians and their staff.

Medical refrigerators and freezers are different from the normal daily use refrigerators as they must be kept at a specific temperature at all times. They need to be available in various sizes and models to fit in any setting. Some need to be secured by locks or other measures. They may need a digital read-out on the front and/or an alarm.

Rehabmart sells refrigerators you need for medical use and more that aren’t normally found in a regular appliance store.

How to Choose the Best Medical Refrigerator or Freezer

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of refrigerator and freezers available.

We have:
• Full size refrigerator/freezers
• Curved front frost-free refrigerators/freezers
• Commercial refrigerators-full size, under counter
• Vaccine & specimen refrigerators
• Counter top refrigerator
• Under counter medical freezer in two colors
• Built in medical freezer

The refrigeration and or freezer units come with one, some or all of the below features, or can be added to some. Check out the individual product descriptions for what is available on each unit to find the one most suited for your needs.

• Different widths and heights—something to fit the space you have
• Substantial height—allows storage of many sensitive items such as cultures, blood samples and vaccines
• One, two or three door models, some with switchable door side openings—for your layout
• Stainless steel doors on some models—durable and long lasting
• Accucold system–helps them achieve specific temperature ranges for unique products
• ADA complaint—for meeting the disability requirements
• Two side-mounted locks—makes it secure
• Two external digital monitors display internal temperature—for precise temperature control that you don’t have to open the door to see
• Dual evaporator system—is used to achieve refrigeration at two different temperatures with a single compressor and a single condenser
• Energy Efficient—keeping your costs down
• Durable hospital grade cord and “green plug”—making it safe and longer lasting
• Three built in slide-out drawers—for easier access
• Glass shelving—for easier clean up
• Towel bar handle–to save on space and convenience
• Self-closing doors–easier on the doors and you
• CDC recommended flat interior door liner—for storing temperature sensitive materials
• Probe hole– for dry contact
• Front end breath hole–for installation
• Alarm that warns users of internal temperature fluctuations—to stop loss of product
• Humidity sensors—essential for humidity control like in specimen refrigerators
• A unit that allow you to put in your own monitoring equipment—unique to you
• Self-defrosting, some on timers—no worries about extra expense or time loss
• Fan equipped with gel packs-for stabilization—helps those temperature variations

There are different exterior appearances of appliances to match offices or institutional settings, along with refrigerators or freezers to fit the unusual spaces or modify the performance.

Vaccine Storage Refrigeration Protocols

Let’s talk a little about vaccine storage refrigeration.

You might ask… why do I need a special refrigeration unit for vaccines?

Since the vaccines have a considerably smaller thermal mass, it is critical to store them in a refrigerator designed to keep air temperature variation tightly controlled to 2-8C throughout and to monitor the temperature. One vaccine refrigerator has an alarm systems on it that goes off when the temperature changes.

If you were to use a regular refrigerator for vaccines, the temperatures vary too much between the top and the bottom shelves and when anyone opens and shuts the door. This could result in damage to your vaccines without your knowledge.

If it is a small under counter refrigerator, the problem is not so evident because of the smaller space. If you use a regular or tall refrigerator, you will encounter this issue.

If you are planning on buying and using a regular small under counter refrigerator for your vaccines you will need this next item.

We have a digital number, easy to read thermometer that has a large temperature scale, which can sit or hang in the refrigerator. It is very accurate and provides both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. It is compact to save space.

Rehabmart is pleased to offer a wide selection of medical refrigerators from a superior quality vendor as Summit Appliance.





Customer Case Study

 Medical Inventions for Better Health Inc.

Stress Free Medical Device Design and Manufacturing with Medical Works Inc. Stellar Processes


Medical Innovations for Better Health Inc. is a large medical device  innovation company.  They come up with new innovations to improve health for patients with serious illness like COPD and lung cancer.  Their team has no problems coming up with great ideas for new medical devices.

One of their major areas of concern is actually finishing the design and have it manufactured to their specifications.

Paul Latham of Medical Inventions for Better Health Inc. stated  “If we could just find one company that could help us by finishing our projected design and manufacture the product to our specification and necessary standards we would be elated.” They have had numerous issues with a multitude of companies they tried.

The products Medical Inventions for Better Health Inc. designs are always slightly different from the norm and this often throws off the companies trying to assist them.  Finally, after careful searching, they found Medical Works Inc.  A totally different company that takes their design from A-Z and hands them a finished product.

This was Paul’s answer to his problems.  Medical Works has saved them thousands of dollars in design and manufacturing costs.  Sales have increased by 30% because of the time saved and the quality of the products.

Paul stated “I would recommend Medical Works Inc. in a heartbeat! It is truly an A-1 operation that has the customer in mind all of the time with unwavering quality, team power, quality standards and work with excellent customer service”.



Lead Email

Title:  New amazing stent method

Are you looking for a better stent method to use for your deep venous thrombosis patients?

Look no more–the NEW Veni Stent System is just what you need!

Percutaneous stenting of the ilofemoral venous outflow system  has evolved to the preferred approach for management of chronic venous obstruction.  The procedure can be performed with low morbidity, low mortality, long-term high patency rate, and low rate of in-stent restenosis.

It has replaced bypass surgery as the primary treatment.  In 2007, the American Venous Forum stated that, “illocaval stenoplasty and stenting has emerged as the ‘method of choice’ relieving proximal iliofemoral obstruction.”

The Veni Stent System is used to treat clinically significant chronic non-malignant obstruction of the ilofemoral venous segment.

It was found using this method of stenting is fundamentally different from that seen in the arterial system.

Venous stenting is associated with a possibly nonexistent clinically significant ISR rate and a low stent thrombosis rate.   In symptomatic patients who develop stent thrombosis, the symptoms are usually mild and appear early after stent placement. Stent thrombosis is not associated with significant sequelae and is amenable to re-do PEVI.

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Free Webinar: How to Create Proposals That Win the Work

On average, 90% of the web design work your firm will go after requires a detailed quotation or price proposal, even from your current clients.

It is imperative that the proposal be as persuasive as possible. If you just improve a few key elements in your proposal template, you can rapidly increase your chances of winning the deal by 20% or more! This webinar can help you achieve that goal.

Taking a short time out of your busy schedule to attend this webinar, can actually make you more money and save time in your business! See the below testimonial…

This is what Shawn Chadha, Owner of Shawn Web Design, stated after participating in a previous proposal webinar. “I’ve been in the design business for 15 years and quoted hundreds of projects. Yet, I learned strategies in this webinar that are bound to increase my success rate considerably.”

As a bonus, participants receive an example of an actual winning proposal that uses strategies taught in the webinar.

This is the thing, the webinar is free, unfortunately, only 9 participants are allowed. We want to make sure all participants get maximum attention and benefit from the webinar, so we are keeping it small.

Therefore, you need to act on this opportunity right now before it is gone!

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The Cooler You have Been Waiting for— Movable & Affordable

Independent restaurant owners like yourself, tell us constantly, they want a cooler that is movable, yet light, efficient and affordable.

The solution is our LBR (Light, Bright & Reliable) Cooler which is all of the above and more.

Wouldn’t you like to see it? We will be at the annual Restaurateur Show coming up next month.

Be one of the first 35 people to sign up for the conference. When you arrive at our booth at the conference, you will receive a 15% discount coupon, good for six months if you decide to buy the cooler. This could save you up to $800.00!

A couple more features of the LBR:

  • The cooler is 28.2% less expensive than comparable models from the competition, saving you money to use for something else you need.
  • It also comes with a full glass door with special coating that resists condensation so you can see inside the cooler easily, again saving money from having to open the door so often.

Click on the sign up button below now, and we will see you at the show!

Jane Atkinson Marketing Director Chill-o-Matic, Inc.



Product Description

Small yet Mighty Can Opener

The Acme Pro Electric can opener is the new can opener of choice! Just check out these features and benefits.

Rechargeable built-in battery. No plug-in required. This saves you from having to buy batteries or constantly recharging the unit.

The Acme Pro’s small size compared to competing brands. It takes up less space, however, it is just as powerful. It fits on your countertops and can be moved around for your convenience, yet it has no less power!

This can opener opens large cans, making it a must have for a commercial kitchen, who wants to use a manual can opener on those huge cans.

The cutting blade on the Acme Pro has a special mechanism that dulls the metal as it opens the can, leaving no sharp edges. This gives you safety in your kitchen for your employees, you never have to worry about those nasty cuts.

The Acme Pro is very rugged, it can withstand the occasional 5-foot drop onto a hard surface without damage. Other competitive brands would be damaged from such a fall. There are no worries about your employees dropping and breaking it.



Case Study

Kinnear Office Furnishings                                           Smith Training & Consulting


Kinnear Office Furnishings Increased the Effectiveness of their Sales Staff by Leaps and Bounds using Smith Training & Consulting’s 5 Step Method

Kinnear Office Furnishings, a mid-sized company, specializes in interior design for companies. Their sales representatives uses networking extensively to obtain new prospects and set sales appointments.

One of Kinnear Office Furnishings huge issues was efficiently using the networking system they had in place.

Janice Bell of Kinnear Office Furnishings stated “One of our toughest problems for our sales team is to identify who in a company we need to contact. There isn’t an obvious title. We spend a lot of time networking in order to find that right person.”

Kinnear Office Furnishings has a product that is of very high value to a company, but, frankly, difficult to sell. They were always on the look-out for a better way to network. Then she found Smith Training & Consulting’s 5 Step Networking Method.

This program was the answer to her networking problem. Janice stated her sales team is now making 20-30% more contacts she remarked “Yes, I would be okay with saying that. Difficult to measure, but probably true in our case.”

When we questioned Janice about what feedback she received from her sales team about the training, she expressed they liked that the training was only two days and they really liked the virtual training modules that they could access anytime. There was also the fact they could call or email Michael himself to ask questions and get advice.

Janice also remarked “What I really like about the program 5 Step Networking for Sales Results is that there’s no fluff or theory. Right from the first module, there were tips and tactics that our sales team could implement right away.”

Asked if she would recommend the 5 Step Networking Method “Without a doubt, it’s a very effective program, especially for the sales teams like ours that rely on networking to build sales. I’d highly recommend it!”


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Your Direct Home Mortgage Lender

You found it, you love it and you want. What’s more you want to be moved in by Christmas. It is already the end of October. Is there any hope?

We can assist you in obtaining that dream. We put the customer first in everything we do.

You need a fast, courteous, efficient low cost mortgage, refinance or home equity loan. You do not want to have to go through a broker, sort out the results, and talk to many different companies to find what you need.

We are different. We handle your mortgage application and processing from A-Z.

  • Education about obtaining a mortgage right on our website
  • Friendly, helpful mortgage reps to aid you efficiently through the process
  • The best possible mortgage rates for your area
  • Follow through to the end so you know what is happening with your loan.
  • We get you your loan finished on time, no moving vans waiting for days with no place to live…

Call us today at xxx-xxx-xxxx or fill out the form at the top for us to contact you. You will be glad you did.

You can also click here to go to our Educational/Calculator page for helpful tips and to see what you may be able to afford.