Make Sure Your Company Stays Ahead of the Competition

I want to assist you in seeing your business not only succeed, but to Exceed Expectations!  Nothing would make me happier!  It would please me immensely to be a part of making that happen! Below are the services I offer.

Quality copy for the website is a must have as it is a key element to make your website successful.

Even though not related, I have over 14 years experience in this business. I also have a passion for cooking, kitchen equipment and pets.

Content Conversational writing is big now and your website is part of that equation. It must be of excellent quality and make your customer want more information.  I use a Content Optimization Framework which establishes the Core Purpose of your company’s web content, Aligns all content across all platforms to support that purpose and Optimizes all web content to keep it on purpose and aligned.

Content needs to have a purpose and be optimized to ensure that it is on-purpose. Simply, it can make a huge difference between a website that is greatly successful in converting customers that come to your website into sales or a website that is just a jumble of content that goes no where.

The website layout can help or hurt your business.  You must understand how potential customers read online.  First they look to see what your website is about, looking only at the top 1/3 of the page, 80% of users do this and they tend to read in an F – shaped pattern looking above the fold, which is what they see without scrolling down.  If they can’t find out if it is what they are looking for and where to go to get it in the first 3 minutes, they are gone and probably will never return.

Compelling headlines must be used and good SEO keywords so clients can find you, used sparingly they can beat your competition, along with interesting articles and or product descriptions, new happenings, awards and more.  Most of all, everything must be based on what you can do for or how this helps your customer!


Blogs and Articles

It is a researched fact that blogs bring more customers to your site. If you are a B2B business up to 70% more leads are possible. B2C also does very well. They can be about your services or products or information related or not related at all.

Your business must remain connected to the potential customers in order to turn them into paying customers.  One of the best ways to draw customers.  Businesses use different Social Media depending on what their business sells and who their customers are that typically would buy from them. Social Media use is becoming more common among B2B businesses. Therefore, it helps to put some of your blogs on Social Media or send out in a newsletter.

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