Struggles of Moving and Business


If you have ever moved, you know what it takes… First you sort, throw out, sell, give away especially if you are downsizing.

Next comes the packing, depending on how much you own, it can be overwhelming especially if you are doing it alone.

The days can feel as though the move will never happen.

When I moved recently, I had the new place for a month before I actually moved in, so I took small things in frequent trips and tried to unpack at least some of it ahead of time. That alone can be wearing on you.

Next comes move day. I had movers, if not you have to find people to help you.

Finally, you are in, then the unpacking, finding a place for everything—draining at best.

Don’t forget you have to go back and clean the old place unless you hire someone to do it.

Along the way you often may want to quit but you know you can’t because you have a deadline to get it all done.

Finally you can collapse! But you do have the satisfaction of getting it all done.

Now think about your business. Doesn’t it take the same stick-to-it-ness that moving does.

The daily fight to keep things moving, getting clients, satisfying clients and retaining them. Business owners do this often without even thinking about it.

Think of the alternative—if you didn’t what would happen? Unless someone else was there to take over, your business would fail.

The same happens when we don’t carefully watch what is going on in our businesses closely. We sometimes don’t pay attention, and next thing we know something has gone awry.

Making your business successful takes daily stick-to-it-ness. I am sure you have seen companies that didn’t update their websites regularly with their new products or advice. They didn’t send out their monthly newsletter or email customers as they had planned.

What do you think eventually happens to that business? Disappointed customers who soon leave. Yep, failure.

Don’t let that happen to your business. Get help if you need it, pay attention, listen to your customers. Be successful!

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