What Human Qualities Does it Take To Be Truly Successful Yet Likeable?

I am sure there are those that would say, well I know this person who is extremely successful, but I don’t like him very much.

I have been thinking a lot about this recently. I have listened to a lot of teacher/speakers this last year. They were also business owners.

One of the most impressive was Ted Capshaw. You probably have heard of him, if not you should google him. He is a great speaker and business owner and yes very successful.

In his closing speech at a recent conference I attended for writers, he brought us all to tears with his heartfelt story. He also gave us inspiration and challenges we all needed. Even since the conference he has reached out to us to encourage us more.

Thinking back over my life about all the teachers I have had, not only in school but in life also, like managers, CEO’s, friends, family… What did they all have in common? I made a list, wrote negative and positive things about each. I then compared all the positives. Basically it came down to certain qualities that made them the best at what they do.

So what are those positive qualities of a great business owner, teacher, speaker? Let’s take a look…

  • Intelligence about the subject (you must know thoroughly about what you are teaching or selling)
  • Able to teach (so that listener or client can grasp it and apply it)
  • Consistent (don’t tell them one thing one day and something else the next)
  • Dependable (they can depend on you being there for them if you have questions)
  • Kind (don’t be condescending, leave the ego elsewhere, they need to treat you like an equal)
  • Gracious ( don’t act like they are bothering you, most likely they are paying you one way or another)
  • Caring (you truly care about they learning what you need them to know)
  • Likeable (If you are all the above, this is probable a given)

If you are business owner and/or speaker-teacher and do not have the above qualities and you want to have your business and or students succeed, you need to stop and take a hard look at yourself. Is there anything you could do better to emulate the ideal leader, teacher, speaker, business owner?

This leads over to how you also treat your clients, customers or even your family and friends.

If you truly desire success in life you have to care about other people. There is so much negative in the world these days that everyone is looking for a positive in their life anywhere they can. (for example, the recent political year)

Ted, in my personal opinion, emulates all the qualities listed above. They all came through in his speech and other items I have read and heard about him. We all need to follow Ted’s lead.

Many of the writing instructors I have had also follow this pattern. I am not going to list them as they are not the only ones, so it wouldn’t be fair.

Whether we are copywriters who own our business, business corporations who have customers, people who teach other people and speakers we all need to treat each other well.

There has been several of my writing instructors who stated. “Yes, I can write, but they really hired me because they liked me and we meshed well.”

Isn’t that what we ultimately want…others to like us and want to do business with us and us with them?

Wishing you much success.


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